Roofing Options

Roofing Material Options

A light-colored roof will not absorb as much heat as a darker colored one and there are many materials to consider for your re-roofing project, from thatch-type dried grass materials to stone, concrete and tile.

roof7Composition shingles are very common choices since they offer a wide selection of types and colors and are affordable and easy to install.  In many cases, new composition shingles can be nailed right onto your existing roof, eliminating the need to remove old shingles.  However, many roofing contractors in the Pasadena area of Texas would argue that all old roofing material should be removed before re-roofing with any application.

Metal roofs have become a popular choice in many areas and some metal roofing can also be nailed directly to existing roofs, reducing the costs of removing old roofing and excessive clean up.  Metal roofs are obviously fire-retardant and are also extremely durable, as well as energy-efficient since the metal roof reflects the heat of the sun.  Initial costs of re-roofing with metal will be higher than with other composites, but the metal roof will pay for itself over time with its durability and longevity.

Wood shake roofing materials offer a lot of character and a variety of looks with many choices of color and styles that will result in a unique looking shake roof every time.  This type of roofing material is harder to install and requires a lot of maintenance and repair.  Wood shakes are also prone to damage from rotting and mildew as well as insects, so shake roofing may not be a good choice for many applications.

Clay tile and slate roofs are popular for homes of southwestern design and offer a variety of looks with the different styles, shapes and colors from which to choose.  They are generally more expensive and harder to install, but will outlast the home on which they are installed because they are so durable!  They are also very heavy and may require additional roof support and the roofing tiles/slate will break if not carefully walked on during tasks such as gutter cleaning.  The colored clay tiles and/or slate surfaces fade over time, but very little maintenance is necessary after installation of a clay tile or slate roof and they offer good protection from fires!

Concrete is being used for everything from countertops to flooring to roofing material!  Concrete roofing mimics the look of clay/slate and even simulated wood shake roofing and offers good fire protection, low maintenance and resistance to elements like insects, mold and rotting.

Hot Mop roofing is a much less expensive option and holds up well if properly applied, but this product has been banned in many urban areas due to the smelly pollutants released into the air when applying the melted asphalt mixture to roofs.

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