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Roofs and Storm Damage:

Your home’s roof is the most important part of the structure since it protects you and your possessions from the adverse affects of nature’s elements.  There are many things that can damage a home’s roof, including rain, snow, wind and even sunshine!  If you live in the League City or Pasadena areas in Texas, you are no stranger to the affects of those forces on the exterior of your home, including siding and roofing.

Once weather strikes and damages your home, there’s little you can do but make repairs to the structure to prevent further damage from future storms.  Regardless of the quality of your home’s roofing materials, the forces of wind, rain, hail and snow can jeopardize the integrity of your roof by creating small holes and cracks or loosening of tiles or other roofing materials which can quickly lead to more serious problems.  If you’re a homeowner in Texas, you should make a habit of examining your home’s roof after every violent weather episode so that you and your home’s roof are prepared for Texas’ next inevitable adverse weather event!

After a violent storm has passed through your area, you should immediately examine your roof for signs of damage.  Most of the time, roof damage from the weather is not visible from the ground, so you’ll have to get that ladder out and actually climb onto the roof to inspect for damage.  (If you are not comfortable using ladders and climbing onto the roof, ask someone who is experienced to inspect your roof for you!)  Some things that may seem inconsequential to the average homeowner can actually lead to extensive roof damage in the future, if left un-repaired and include missing or damaged shingles or tiles, broken glue seals that are only visible by lifting the roofing tiles and looking under them and debris collecting under shingles or tiles.  If you discover any damage, your next step should be to contact your homeowner’s insurance company and immediately hire a roofing contractor to make the repairs.

Since any damage to your home’s roof can jeopardize the integrity of its structure, you should make sure you hire a competent roofing contractor for the repair work.  There are many competent building contractors in the League City and Pasadena areas, but you should hire the one that provides satisfactory answers to the following important questions:

  1. Does the company maintain liability insurance?  If so, ask to see a copy of the policy to ensure that the insurance coverage has not lapsed and is still in effect.  If the company does not have a policy of liability insurance, look for another contractor!
  1. Has the contractor repaired other roofs in your area?  If so, ask for names, addresses and telephone numbers so you can obtain references for their work.  If not, look for another contractor!
  1.  Most roof damage should be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy and any contractor you hire to make repairs should be willing to work with you and your insurer for arranging payment for their services and reimbursement for materials the contractor provides.  You should work directly with your homeowner’s insurance company to make sure you are within the guidelines of your policy and the building contractor should be willing to work through the insurance company, as well!
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