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Houston General Contractors

General Contractors very often start their careers as construction workers during which time they work for someone else and gain experience in all aspects of building projects, including general carpentry, framing, masonry and plumbing. Although there are no specific educational qualifications for becoming a General Contractor, many states require completion of a General Contractor course of study and many employers prefer General Contractors to have a Bachelor’s Degree in building science, construction science and/or safety, surveying, architecture or some other construction-related discipline. After learning to communicate with subcontractors, developing necessary management skills and accumulating references from previous customers, business partners and/or former employees, as well as networking with future potential customers and purchasing basic construction tools of the trade, many Houston General Contractors choose to start their own businesses (some states require proof of availability of financing funds in order to own a general contracting business). General Contractors are familiar with every phase of a construction project and aren’t usually involved in the actual performance of the work necessary to complete a project but, instead, rely on and oversee a team of carefully selected builders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other construction specialists to ensure satisfactory completion of building projects for which the General Contractor is responsible.

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