Houston area Building Trends

Houston Building Trends:

The Texas towns of League City and Texas City are enjoying expansion because they are situated near the shoreline of Galveston Bay, a body of water that is an important part of the petroleum refining and petrochemical manufacturing industry in the Gulf Coast area.

With the expansion of those industries come jobs and the need for housing.  There are many homes on the market, but the best way to get the home you want is to build it from the ground up, according to your particular specifications.

Building trends in this area and others have changed from large, spacious homes to homes that are smaller and therefore, more affordable to build and easier to maintain.

The focus of most homebuilders today is on efficiency and practicality, which necessarily requires simplicity.  The average house size continues to shrink and homeowners want to create functional space in every room.  Homebuilders are even utilizing simple geometric lines for the outside structure of their homes, which makes them easier and less expensive to build, as well as more affordable to heat and cool.

Many homebuilders today pay attention to details that include energy efficiency and anything that leaves less of a “footprint” on the environment.  This includes using paints and stains that are less toxic, along with cabinetry and floors made from natural products like bamboo and other types of wood and HVAC systems that improve indoor air quality.  Water efficiency has also become popular in home building and includes toilets, showerheads and other bath and kitchen features designed to save water.

Since the kitchen is the heart of most homes, homeowners are remodeling kitchens that have multi-functional uses for interacting with family and friends.  This usually includes a larger kitchen with invisible appliances and lots of cabinets for storage and a bar with seating which eliminates the need for dining rooms.  Today’s trend is for kitchens that are connected to (or part of) the “great room” or main family living space.

With smaller homes comes the necessity for wiser use of space, including seating that doubles as storage space and closet organizers with many cubbyholes, bins and baskets for storing various things.

The main objective in building a home in the 21st century is to create a house that is energy-efficient and small enough for easy maintenance, but large enough to serve your purposes, which may involve multiple bedrooms with today’s multi-generational households.

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