Building a Garage

Residents of the Pearland, Texas area that includes the Sugar Land and Baytown metro areas are fortunate to have many options for constructing various types of buildings and numerous competent builders from which to choose.

Constructing a garage or carport is a great way to increase the usability and value of your property.  There are many things to consider before you begin construction of a garage, the first of which is contacting your local building authority to inquire about permits and procedures to follow to legally add a garage to your property.  This is also something a contractor will do.

Adding a garage will involve many decisions, including deciding where to put it and whether it should be attached or detached.  After you’ve determined what kind of garage to construct and where to build it, you’ll need to decide how big it should be to accommodate your particular needs, which will determine the ultimate costs of your new addition.  Consider all the uses of your new garage so you build it big enough to accommodate storage of your cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, four-wheelers or whatever else you plan to store there.  You may even decide that you only need a covered carport, which will greatly reduce the costs involved in construction.  Or you may want to add an upper level or attic for additional storage space.  Will your new garage include a bathroom and, therefore, plumbing?

After determining the size and style of your new garage, you should consider what materials you will use to build it, including roofing material, siding, stucco, plumbing fixtures, if necessary, and concrete applications.  When considering these options, keep in mind the environment of your particular area and build accordingly.  You may want to choose aluminum siding instead of stucco if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or high humidity, since stucco is not a good choice for those climates.  Also keep in mind the costs of these various materials, since the bottom line in any construction process is how much it will cost to build.

The costs involved in building a garage will vary, depending on the types of material you choose to utilize.  Excavation and soil preparation for your garage’s foundation will be greatly influenced by the soil on which it’s being built, local zoning regulations and weather, so plan your construction for the time of year when your area enjoys the best weather.

Additional necessities will be roofing, framing and siding materials, as well as doors and windows, all of which vary in price according to material and quality.  Also, don’t forget to include labor costs in your plans.

How much will it ultimately cost?  Construction quotes for basic garages should be in the $40 to $50 per square foot range and will vary greatly depending on the builder and quality of materials used in construction.

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